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Here is what you’ll need to create a new account. All information must match our records.

  • Des Moines Water Works 10 digit account number.

  • Des Moines Water Works Registration Key - (10 digit number generated by Des Moines Water Works and printed in the lower right hand corner of your billing statement. This number is labeled “Registration Key”. Des Moines Water Works maintains only the 3 most recent registration keys so it is important to obtain this number from a current billing statement.

  • User Name - You will create your own 4-12 character user name with no spaces or symbols. Your user name will be validated to ensure it is currently not in use by another customer..

  • Password - 6-15 characters with at least one being a number or special character. Your password will be validated to ensure it complies with password requirements.

  • E-Mail Address - An email will be sent to the valid email address you enter. The email will include instructions for completing the registration process.

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